Mummy Mondays: @theflynnetta

Mummy Mondays at Rowdy Roddy Vintage

Say hello to awesome mama of two Jessica aka @theflynnetta. Having been fans of this mama’s effortlessly beautiful Instagram account for a long time, we are super excited to have her onboard as this weeks awesome Mummy Mondays feature.

Below Natalie has given us a sneak peek into her life at home in sunny southern California. The fun and love her family shares shines through both her photography and interview, so, read on to find out all about this amazing lady…

Mummy Mondays at Rowdy Roddy Vintage

Where do you live, and what do you love most about it?

We live in Redondo Beach, California. Our home is a 4 minute walk from the beach and close to all the essentials like coffee, good coffee and great coffee… haha but seriously, we don’t have to take our cars out the entire weekend if we don’t want to and everything we need is right here in our little community.

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What inspired you to start an Instagram account?

I originally started my account when I was single and before kids. if you go back far enough you will see a whole lot of hideous filters and not so pretty selfies…don’t do it… I beg you ha ha

It wasn’t really until my first babe was 6 months old that I truly got pulled into this wonderful world of inspiration.

From that point on I’ve become quite the addict.

It’s now a place where I can fully immerse myself in all the things I love as well as express my creative side and passion for kids styling and lifestyle.

Disclaimer: my life is nowhere near as pretty as my feed, I try to put realness into the content on my ig but also see it as a beautiful photo album to keep all my favorite photos together.

Mummy Mondays at Rowdy Roddy Vintage

When did you know you wanted to be a mama?

I guess I always knew that I wanted babies one day, like early to mid 30’s one day… What I didn’t expect was to fall pregnant with my first at 24 years old but from the moment he was born. I knew that this was what I was supposed to do with my life.. Now I want all the babies!!

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How many kiddos do you have and what are there personalities like?

I have 2!

Flynn is 3 years old – he’s a little shy and unsure of new things or situations but has a huge gentle heart and a cheeky little character about him.

Etta is 15 months – she is fearless, she is strong willed and hot headed but loves a cuddle.

Mummy Mondays at Rowdy Roddy Vintage

How would your husband/partner describe you?

He would say I’m persistent, hardworking and easy going. He would say I like to do it all and that I’m stubborn and won’t ask for help even when I really want to. He would say I don’t take myself to seriously oh and he would definitely say I’m funny (I hope)

Mummy Mondays at Rowdy Roddy Vintage

What inspires you to dress your children in vintage clothes?

The uniqueness, the originality and usually there is a good story behind the clothes.

Mummy Mondays at Rowdy Roddy VintageIf you could go back to any period in time, where would you go and why?

I feel like anywhere between the1920s and 1950s, if I could live a week in each of those eras, that would be amazing. I am a pretty casual ‘jeans and tee’ girl so to dress like a ‘sophisticated lady’ in all those beautiful dresses and wear all those hats for a little while, well that would be pretty cool!

Mummy Mondays at Rowdy Roddy Vintage

Kids wiggle, what is your secret to a good shot of your little one in action?

You have to get creative, you have to bribe with candy, chocolate and trip to the park, whatever works and make it fun! But you HAVE to stop when they are over it.. There is no way of trying to bring them back once they are done. If you keep pushing them after the fact they will always have a bad taste about taking photos.

Mummy Mondays at Rowdy Roddy Vintage

When the going gets tough with the kiddos all in tow, what is your secret for putting the smiles back on those little faces?

Silliness! Don’t take life to seriously, crack jokes, sing a funny song and if all else fails… as above BRIBE! Iceream and videos on the iphone are also big winners in my house!

Mummy Mondays at Rowdy Roddy Vintage

What could you imagine your children doing in 20 years time? 

Oooooh good one…I haven’t really thought about this ever. Hmmm! Maybe Flynn will be a soccer player, or drive an ambulance. Etta will probably be a performer or something in entertainment. I know their Papa will push them to travel, explore the world, learn about different cultures and speak another language! I imagine they will be kind.

Mummy Mondays at Rowdy Roddy Vintage

What are your children’s favorite things to do as a family?

We love living room dance parties, going out for breakfast (because going out at night is way too hard) and hanging by the pool.. We also love a good Sunday family nap!

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What is the hardest thing about being a mama?

The lack of time for myself… and the sleep ins on the weekend!

Mummy Mondays at Rowdy Roddy Vintage

And of course, what is your favorite thing about being a mama?

There is so much to love.. The mini versions of you, the cuddles and the laughs, I love that I am the one person that they can always look to and lean on and can be themselves around.

Mummy Mondays at Rowdy Roddy Vintage

What are some daily rules/mantras do you use for being a mama?

I like to keep a loose routine always, this way everyone knows what to expect and it keeps the household running a little smoother. If I manage to serve a cooked meal 3 times a week that’s a win and I’ve learned not to beat myself up because sometimes we eat breakfast for dinner or I sent a store bought pie to school for the thanksgiving lunch. Sometimes it’s easier just to give in, in order to avoid a complete world war 3 style meltdown and lastly I said it before but have fun and don’t be so serious these years go by too fast..

Mummy Mondays at Rowdy Roddy Vintage

When all the babes are in bed sleeping, what are you most likely doing?

Instagramming with a drink in hand, usually a diet coke and sometimes with a little added southern comfort. This is when I try and catch up with my feed, reply to comments and engage with all of our followers and friends out there.

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If you could take your family anywhere in the world, where would you go?

Somewhere with white sand and crystal clear waters, where we can drink out of coconuts or pineapples and nap quietly by the sea in the afternoon. Anywhere we can relax and just be together.

Mummy Mondays at Rowdy Roddy Vintage

Who are some of your favorite instagram users?

Oh but there are so many! I don’t even know where to begin but here are a variety of feeds I love! I know there are some major ones im forgetting about as I type this!


… the list goes on!