Mummy Mondays: @lapinblu

Say hello to this weeks gorgeous mama, Sarah-Louise. Stylist, photographer, blogger and most importantly, mum to gorgeous daughter Boo, she is nothing short of inspirational. Her stunning photography style will have you scrolling her dreamy Instagram feed for hours and her beautifully honest interview will keep you captivated. Read on and see for yourself…

Where do you live, and what do you love most about it?

I live in West Sussex, not far from Arundel, & I love the fact that we have the coast & the countryside right on our doorstep.


What inspired you to start an Instagram account?

I didn’t really get Instagram when it first came about, so I was abit of a late starter! I guess it was as I began to take more photos again that it kind of clicked. Then it became a great platform to build community, link in with my blog, lapinblu.com, and now to promote my photography & styling work (sarahloufrancis.com).


When did you know you wanted to be a mama?

I always wanted children, but have to admit I thought I wanted at least two or three. Once Boo arrived though, I felt utterly complete & the urge to have more has never arisen. It’s been the right decision for us.

How many kiddos do you have and what are there personalities like?

Just the one. She’s smart, creative, funny, cheeky, a little sensitive, thoughtful and compassionate. She likes her own way, but I like to think of that as putting her in good stead for standing up for herself in the future!

How would your husband/partner describe you?

Well, I’m single these days, so I’d describe myself pretty much the same way as my daughter, maybe with a touch more introversion!


What inspires you to dress your children in vintage clothes?

When Boo was little, I enjoyed seeing her in clothes I used to wear. That sense of revival, like a photo coming back to life.


If you could go back to any period in time, where would you go and why?

I’d go back to the 50’s or the 70’s – 50’s for the interiors, and 70’s for the style – channeling my inner Farrah!

Kids wiggle, what is your secret to a good shot of your little one in action?



When the going gets tough with the kiddos all in tow, what is your secret for putting the smiles back on those little faces?

Also Bribery! Ha. That & a lot of patience.


What could you imagine your children doing in 20 years time?

I could see Boo being an Architect, maybe after a few years travelling. She’s fascinated by other countries & loves designing & building structures with her lego or on minecraft.

What are your children’s favorite things to do as a family?

She just loves any time spent together, whether it’s a day out or just snuggled up watching a movie.

What is the hardest thing about being a mama?

Constant guilt, and as the saying goes, it’s like watching your heart walk around outside your body – you can’t always protect it.

And of course, what is your favorite thing about being a mama?

The pride, joy & unconditional love it brings into your life. And also, the roaring lioness power no other life change can bring about!


What are some daily rules/mantras do you use for being a mama?

Do the best you know how depending on the day.

When all the babes are in bed sleeping, what are you most likely doing?

Editing images, working on the blog or catching up on Netflix (if I’m lucky!)


If you could take your family anywhere in the world, where would you go?

Australia, Marrakech & Cambodia. They are my three dream list places to take Boo one day. She might add China, Japan & Africa!

Who are some of your favorite instagram users?

So many, for different reasons, but as photographing mamas, a few would be: