Brand Spotlight: Interview with Bobo Choses

We’re taking you behind the scenes of the awesome brand currently owning the kids fashion industry, Bobo Choses. In an exclusive interview with Bobo’s very own creative genius, founder & CEO, Adrianna Esperalba, we gain an insight into her inspirations, personal style and future fashion predictions.


What was your career background previous to Bobo Choses?

I studied graphic design at the Elisava school (UPF) in Barcelona and started to work in publicity, even though I was always much more interested in editorial design and the corporate image, which is why I set up my own communications studio with a friend of mine. As a joke we ventured upon leaving the paper business for clothes and that’s how Bobo Choses arose.

What made you want to enter the world of kid’s fashion?

My partner and I had a graphic design studio in Barcelona (Otto&Olaf). When we decided to have children we realised that we couldn’t find nice clothes for them. That’s how we came to think of creating a mini collection of t-shirts without having a clue how we were going to sell it. A friend introduced us to somebody who could produce some samples for us, so we decided to try our luck at the Playtime fair in Paris. We had a very small budget – we slept in the house of my brother and crossed our fingers that everything would go well.

What is your ultimate kids’ style mantra? 

Have fun!

Most important things to consider when designing for kids?

Originality, comfort and quality.

When designing a new collection, what is your creative process?

To start, I think of a story, which is normally related to memories from when I was small mixed with the things my children like, and I look at images for reference and try to make a bit of a collage in order to explain the idea better. We then work on graphics as a team on the one hand and patterns on the other. Luciano Torres is in charge of writing the story, giving it a bit more of a poetic touch. There are still so many stories to tell…

Why is it so important to use high quality materials throughout the collections?

We have a commitment with the quality of our garments. Our suppliers are from our same city, we made local clothes so we can control the quality.

What was the inspiration behind this season’s fabulous spring/ summer collection?

The world of modern Art – it aims to celebrate colour as a spiritual gift through an intuitive, spontaneous approach to painting.

What’s your favourite product from this season’s collection?

Painters overall (ours too!!)

What are your own earliest fashion memories?

From a young age I was good at sports. Between the age of 13 to 18 I was given a scholarship to study and play volleyball while living in a house for athletes. When I was 14 I went on a holiday to Menorca, and a cousin of my mother explained to me what his work consisted of and from that moment I knew that I wanted to be a graphic designer.

What are your can’t-live-without pieces?

For me: Sneakers and jeans
For kids: Overalls and socks

Who are some of your personal design heroes?

Ettore Sottsass, Sonia Delaunay or Charles and Ray Eames

How do you dress your own little ones?

I mix BOBO CHOSES with other brands.

What are your top tips for dressing little ones in summer?

Shorts and t-shirts and espadrilles

Other favourite kids brands to watch out for?


Which country would you say is owning the kids wear scene at the moment?



You can shop the amazing SS16 Der Blaue Reiter collection from Bobo Choses right now at RRV.