Back To School Tips

Back to school tips

5 handy back to school tips

Whether you’ve got one kiddo or five, getting ready to go back to school can prove a stressful task no matter the number.

In order to help, we’ve put together a list of 5 helpful tips to make school days seem easy-peasy all year long.

    1. Set a routine in advance
      Start to introduce a school bedtime routine a few weeks before the end of summer to get them used to early nights and rises. This should hopefully result in less grumpy little ones when school comes around.
    2. School bag set up
      Keep a laminated list of school bag contents inside their bag to help make sure they’ve always got what they need. Do a quick check with them each morning for total school day organisation.
    3. Organised Outfits
      Spend Sunday night organising their uniform for the week ahead. Fold neatly into bundles and use post-its to label each outfit for a day of the week. This will allow the kiddos to dress themselves quickly and easily in the morning.
    4. Packed Lunch Planning
      We all know how much easier dinner time is when it’s been organised the week before, so why do the same for their packed lunches? Use a white board to plan out meals for the week ahead and say goodbye to stressful mornings.
    5. Information Hub
      You’ll never know the power of a cork pin board until you use it for school day organisation. Split into sections and use colour coded pins for each child. Use it to pin any important documents, key dates and timetables for quick and easy access.

Feeling a bit less stressed? Good! Send them off to school with smiles and enjoy some well deserved mama time.