Awesome Kids Halloween Costume Ideas

Awesome Kids Halloween Costume Ideas

Halloween is here, it’s our favourite time of year… but parents don’t you fear, cool items are so near!

Whether it’s you or your little one who is mad for fright night, we say go all out and embrace this season of fun! Our RRV kid’s halloween collection is filled with super cute, unique outfits for kiddo’s of all styles!

Celebrity Inspired Dress Up

This one is more for the parents enjoyment than the kids we think. Dress your kiddos up like your favourite super star and make them look mega instagram worthy this Halloween.

Our galaxy print collection from Beau Loves is perfect for channeling their (or your) inner Bowie, whereas our super popular Bang Bang Copenhagen swan dress is great for nailing that iconic Bjork look.Awesome Kids Halloween Costume Ideas

Awesome Kids Halloween Costume Ideas

Beau Loves Galaxy Print Swing Top // Beau Loves Galaxy Print Skirt // Beau Loves Galaxy Print Leggings // Bang Bang Copenhagen I Can Fly Swan Dress // Bang Bang Copenhagen Sylvia Sylph Swan Dress

Spooky Prints

Halloween is more than just one day. To us, it’s the full month of October. So why not embrace the season’s mood and incorporate spooky prints into their everyday wardrobe.

Beau Loves and Santa Cruz Skateboards are filled to the brim with fun, unique prints, perfect for Halloween and beyond.

Awesome Kids Halloween Costume Ideas

Beau Loves Ghost Cardigan // Beau Loves Ghost Leggings // Santa Cruz Phillips Eyegore Tee // Santa Cruz Skate Riot Baby Grow

Not-so-classic Halloween Costumes

Forget the witches and the vampires, what if they just don’t want to do Halloween this year?

Think sassy “this is my costume” t-shirts and glow in the dark emoji tops, perfect for when Halloween just ain’t their thaang.

Awesome Kids Halloween Costume Ideas

Ghost Emoji Tee // This Is My Costume Emoji Tee // This Is My Costume Baby T-shirt // Flava Flav Clock T-shirt // Glow In The Dark Wolf Tee

Feeling inspired? We thought so. Shop our awesome Kids’ Halloween collection on RRV now!